Kybella: A New Fatty Chin Treatment

MI Skin Dermatology Center: Melda Isaac, MD

Does the appearance of your chin make you feel embarrassed or painfully self-conscious? If you’ve developed a double chin, whether due to the effects of age or weight gain, it can be particularly frustrating because submental fat (fat below the chin) can be incredibly difficult to address through diet and exercise. This stubborn pocket of fat can make a person appear older and heavier. Fortunately, a cutting-edge treatment called Kybella has recently received FDA approval for treating fatty chin tissue and can help provide the toned, well-defined appearance you need to feel and look younger.

To learn more about Kybella and whether it is a good option for fatty chin reduction, please do not hesitate to contact board-certified cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Melda Isaac at MI Skin in Washington, DC. With years of extensive training and experience with injectable treatments, such as Kybella, Dr. Isaac can provide professional, reliable care and results.

Breakthrough Fatty Chin Treatment Technology

For years, the only options available for erasing a double chin has been surgery and liposuction. While effective, these options require cutting into the skin and removing fatty tissue and attempting to hide potential scar tissue. Kybella offers a non-invasive alternative that requires only a series of injections in the fatty tissue under the chin. The injections contain a form of deoxycholid acid, which is a substance that naturally exists in the human body and works to break down and dissolve fat cells. By strategically injecting this substance into a double chin, the fat cells are destroyed and naturally flushed out of the body, resulting in the gradual reduction of the fatty tissue.

The Kybella procedure typically takes no more than 20 minutes and must be repeated once a month for two to six months, depending on the patient and the size of the double chin. Each session is relatively painless and causes only minor side effects, such as bruising, redness, swelling, and numbness. These side effects may take a day or two to subside, which is why many patients have the procedure done on a Friday to ensure that they can return to work without any noticeable signs the following week. The full and final results of Kybella treatments typically take four to six weeks after the last treatment session.

Kybella is a cutting-edge option for reducing double chins because the results are long-lasting. The injections break down fatty tissue cells and prevent them from being able to accumulate and store fat again, resulting in a more toned and well-defined chin and jawline.

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If you’re ready to undergo safe and effective fatty chin treatment that provides natural-looking and long-last results, wait no longer to contact board-certified cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Melda Isaac to learn more about Kybella. It is important to consult with a professional to ensure that you get the treatment that is right for you as well as the care and precision of someone who can get quality results. It takes years of training and experience to be able to successfully administer injectable treatments, such as Kybella, so do not entrust your health and appearance to just anyone!

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