Trends for 2016: Non-Facial Rejuvenation and Body Contouring

MI Skin Dermatology Center: Melda Isaac, MD

Cosmetic Dermatology Treatment AlexandriaAs we head into 2016, we here at MI Skin Dermatology Center would like to share our top predictions for which procedures will be most popular going forward. 2015 brought many new, exciting innovations such as the first non-invasive treatments for reducing chin fat, FDA approval for Radiesse hand rejuvenation, and a more powerful version of Vanquish that can provide more dramatic results than before. Dr. Isaac and her staff at MI Skin Dermatology are always at the forefront of advances in cosmetic dermatology, and we predict that 2016 will continue the current trends of non-invasive body and facial rejuvenation.

Non-Facial Rejuvenation

The face has long been considered the focal point for anti-aging cosmetic procedures, but in recent years, more men and women have begun to realize that comprehensive anti-aging needs to take into account other areas as well, such as the neck, hands, chest, and even earlobes. Even if a person’s face looks youthful and refreshed, a sagging neck or wrinkled hands can give away their true age. Luckily, as cosmetic dermatology technologies and techniques become more refined and advanced, these areas have more options than ever for rejuvenation.

The hands are one of the most visible areas of the body, and they can age prematurely due to sun exposure and constant movement. Most people do not put sunscreen on their hands, and this can lead to wrinkles, sun spots, and thinning skin that causes veins to become more prominent. However, Radiesse, a collagen building dermal filler, was FDA approved for hand rejuvenation in 2015, and we predict that hand rejuvenation will be one of the most popular procedures of 2016.

Non-Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation

2015 also saw FDA approval for ThermiVa, a non-surgical device that can quickly and comfortably tighten and rejuvenate vulvovaginal tissue. Laxity of the vaginal canal, especially after childbirth, can lead to a host of uncomfortable issues, including stress incontinence, dryness and itchiness, and lack of sexual pleasure. ThermiVa is the first non-invasive alternative to a vaginoplasty that can help women restore their pre-baby vaginal condition and improve their quality of life.

ThermiVa uses the same radiofrequency technology as ThermiSmooth to heat and tighten vaginal tissue. The procedure is comfortable and lasts only 30 minutes; most women liken it to a warm massage. There is no downtime involved after a ThermiVa procedure, and there are no incisions necessary!

Non-Invasive Body Contouring

As more and more people opt for non-invasive body contouring options over surgical procedures such as liposuction, these devices are becoming more refined, sophisticated, and powerful. 2015 saw the FDA approval of two brand-new non-surgical options for chin fat reduction, Kybella and CoolMini. Dr. Isaac was one of the first doctors in Washington, DC to acquire Kybella, an injectable treatment that melts fat, as well as CoolMini, a new applicator from the makers of CoolSculpting that uses the same cryolipolisis technology to freeze and eliminate fat cells.

In addition, MI Skin Dermatology also acquired the updated and more powerful version of Vanquish called Vanquish ME (Maximal Energy). Vanquish has long been a dermatologist staple for non-invasive abdominal fat reduction, and now with the improved Vanquish ME, results are even more dramatic than before.

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