Washington DC Fat Freezing for MenIn Washington, D.C., the men we see are typically concerned about different body issues than our female patients.  At  MI Skin Dermatology Center, we also specialize in men’s medical and cosmetic conditions. The state-of-the-art treatments we offer are effective and efficient. CoolSculpting with CoolAdvantage is an innovative fat freezing procedure requiring less treatment time and quicker results. Combining these fat treatments often leads to reaching your desired results more quickly.

Men deal with the frustration of unwanted fat collections,  just as women do. If you’ve followed any of the diet and workout “advice” you read about in various men’s magazines, you most likely haven’t gotten the results you’d hoped for. That’s why you should talk to Dr. Melda Isaac of MI Skin Dermatology Center today for a consultation or inquiry about how you can freeze your unwanted fat with CoolSculpting in Washington, D.C. Call  (202) 393-7546  or fill out our online contact form to learn more about CoolSculpting and a variety of dermatology treatments that could be right for you.

CoolSculpting Fat Reduction Treatment

A non-invasive procedure that doesn’t require needles, CoolSculpting shapes your body with precision by freezing stubborn fat cells, which eventually die before your body naturally flushes away the microscopic remnants over the next few days and weeks. CoolSculpting is effective for particularly stubborn fat and works to help you lose it in a non-invasive way.

You’ll have no needles to worry about, and your schedule isn’t greatly disturbed – you can resume your day after the  35-minute CoolAdvantage or the traditional hour-long CoolSculpting procedure at the MI Skin Dermatology Center. During either CoolSculpting procedure, your fat treatment specialist applies first a gel pad and then the CoolSculpting applicator device to the targeted area. Very shortly, an intense cold and mild tingling, stinging, or cramping will spread throughout the treated area and then it will all go numb. This is normal and means the CoolSculpting treatment is working its magic.

Freeze the Fat Body Contouring for Men

Men carry fat differently than women do. While women see collections of fat frequently form on their butts or thighs, men seem to retain fat in fewer, more localized areas of their bodies, which often means CoolSculpting is a simpler procedure for men. Read on to find out which areas or conditions make this fat reduction treatment ideal for men.

Gynecomastia and Pseudogynecomastia

Simply put, gynecomastia means that a man has enlarged breasts, a much more common condition than many people realize, as men everywhere and from all walks of life suffer from it. Gynecomastia can be physically uncomfortable and demoralizing  (especially for a teenager), as the male breasts are bigger than they should be from too much breast tissue and/or excess fat. Due to increased awareness, innovative cosmetic treatments like CoolSculpting continue to be developed to help reduce the size and appearance of male breasts and improve the patient’s self-confidence. CoolSculpting fat freezing reduction treatment is one such innovation that has made male breast reduction so much more convenient and non-invasive.

If your male breasts are enlarged due mostly to the excess collection of adipose tissue (fat) in your breast, this is known as pseudogynecomastia, or “man boobs,” and CoolSculpting might be the treatment that improves your life and self-esteem.

However, if your condition is due to a collection of mainly breast tissue caused by a glandular issue, this is true gynecomastia, and fat freezing CoolSculpting treatment might not be as effective for two critical reasons: breast tissue doesn’t consist of fatty tissue, and it’s denser than fat.

Although this fat freezing treatment may not be a total cure, it can still be useful if you’re dealing with enlarged male breasts. If you have enlarged breasts, there’s a good reason to suspect fat tissue is as least partly a culprit, so CoolSculpting is a good place to start an overhaul of your body, especially if you have other areas of concern. In fact, many men we treat choose this super-cooled fat freezing CoolSculpting treatment for just that purpose since it entails no surgery and almost no downtime. If after the procedure you and Dr. Isaac decide more reduction is still a good idea, then you can discuss other treatment options.

Freeze the Fat in Your Abs and Love Handles

It’s no secret that men tend to collect a good portion of their excess fat around their waist. Men joke with pride sometimes about having a “spare tire” or “love handles,” but the truth is that it mostly likely affects their lives in some adverse way.

Since any excess weight around the waist is mainly due to fat deposits, CoolSculpting could be the fat freezing treatment you’re looking for. A single one-hour CoolSculpting procedure on your lunch break and you’d be back to your normal daily routine. And since this fat freezing treatment should never replace a good diet and exercise program, combining this procedure with proper eating and working out will have amazing effects. Once you’ve reduced the fat, you may want to help strengthen and tone your abs with Lutronic Accufit treatments. Accufit is another non-invasive, no-downtime procedure that uses electronic stimulation to tone the muscles.

Fat Freezing Reduction Side Effects

Initially, you’ll feel intense coldness that could be mildly uncomfortable during the first several minutes, but it eventually goes numb and you can relax enough to read, enjoy music, or even doze off. No anesthesia or medication is administered during CoolSculpting, and you’re back on your feet immediately.

The only side effects after a fat freezing CoolSculpting treatment are temporary, mild, and include skin redness, tenderness, bruising, tingling, and/or cramping.

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If you’re considering ways to reduce man boobs, flatten your abs, or sculpt away your love handles, you have fat freezing treatment such as CoolSculpting available to you. Only after talking to a qualified dermatology specialist like Dr. Isaac can you make an informed decision. Don’t hesitate to contact MI Skin Dermatology Center Washington, D.C. today for a fat treatment or CoolSculpting consultation or call  (202) 393-7546 .