With so many treatment types and choices of products, it can be difficult to decide which facial injections to get. Many patients will speak with their friends, who can share their experience, but most people prefer talking with an expert. At MI Skin Dermatology Center, our expert staff has helped numerous patients decide which treatment options are best for them. With a professional’s opinion, you can have a thorough examination and discussion about your skin and evaluation of injections that would benefit you the most. At this time, we can also evaluate which product is best for your skin and treatment goals!

Which Products are Right for Me?

Botox is probably the most known of facial injection products and functions as a muscle relaxant. Other non-surgical products include Juvederm and Restylane, both consisting of hyaluronic acid to treat lines and add volume to the face. In making a decision about which product and facial injections are best, you’ll want to be taken care of by a professional. At MI Skin Dermatology Center, we have only certified dermatologists administer facial injections. In fact, our facility has been a Botox National Teaching Center since 2002!

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If you’ve been considering facial injections, visit the specialists at MI Skin Dermatology Center for a consultation. Call us at (202) 393-7546 to schedule a meeting with one of our certified dermatologists for an evaluation.