Double Chin

It is very common to develop a double chin as we age or gain weight, but it can also be caused by genetics. No matter how much you diet and exercise, it can be difficult to reduce the appearance of a double chin. Dr. Isaac and Dr. Yanes, board-certified dermatologists in Washington, DC offers treatments for men and women who have a double chin and want to get rid of it.

Treatments for double chin

Whether you were born with a double chin, or if it has developed over time, Dr. Isaac and Dr. Yanes offer options for treating the appearance of submental fat, the layer of fat under your chin that causes a double chin.


One of the most effective ways to treat submental fat without surgery is CoolSculpting. With an applicator designed to fit under the chin to reduce the appearance of a double chin, CoolSculpting provides targeted treatment to freeze away your double chin.

Your provider will assess your double chin during your consultation to determine how many treatments she recommends to achieve your goals.


KYBELLA is an FDA-approved injectable treatment designed to dissolve submental fat. Administered using a series of injections into the fat under the chin, KYBELLA goes to work destroying fat cells and allowing your body to flush them away naturally. As your body heals, the skin is tightened and excess fat is removed, giving you a tighter jawline with less submental fat. For best results, it is recommended to have 2 to 6 injectable treatments spaced monthly.

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