Tattoo Removal

We all have things from our past that we regret, and unwanted tattoos tend to be among the top complaints among our patients. At MI Skin Dermatology Center in Washington, D.C. we offer the PicoLO™ Premium laser to remove those old tattoos, revealing refreshed, clear skin.

The PicoLO Premium laser uses multiple picosecond wavelengths to safely and efficaciously treat tattoos. The wavelength and settings are customized to the colors of the tattoo, and we can treat all colors of tattoos.

What Does the PicoLO Premium Laser Do?

PicoLo is the latest in picosecond laser technology.  It has the strongest peak power of all picosecond lasers. The energy enters and leaves the skin more quickly than other picosecond lasers, minimizing potential side effects, pain, and damage to the skin while maximizing your tattoo removal results.  

The PicoLO laser uses picosecond pulses of laser light (ultra-short pulses) to target and break up the tattoo pigment without heating or damaging your skin. This makes the PicoLO laser a great choice for laser tattoo removal.

How Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work?

When it comes to laser tattoo removal, you have two options for treatment: remove the tattoo completely or lighten it significantly to prepare your skin for a cover-up tattoo.

The PicoLO’s laser energy uses concentrated light energy to target the ink of the tattoo and break it down into smaller particles. The particles are then eliminated by your body, resulting in a less visible tattoo over time.

What Is a Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment Like?

When your tattoo removal treatment begins, your provider will typically utilize either topical or local anesthesia to numb the pain.  The treatments range from being painless to feeling a slight snapping sensation on the treatment area. A treatment without anesthesia feels similar to the sensation of getting the original tattoo.

Once the treatment area is numbed, your provider will use the PicoLO Premium Laser to go over the shape of your tattoo. The treated area immediately turns white, then will fade to pink.

After treatment, the treated area may form a crust and scab over. This will take several weeks to heal.

Over the next 6-8 weeks, the tattoo ink, which is broken up into tiny pieces by the laser, will be eliminated by your body.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have provided some answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding laser tattoo removal in Washington, D.C.

Q: How many tattoo removal treatments will I need?

A: It takes several treatment sessions to remove a tattoo. The number of sessions varies depending on the color of ink, age of the tattoo, and whether the tattoo was performed by a professional or an amateur. Your provider will discuss your goals and can recommend the appropriate number of treatments during your consultation.  

Q: How often will I need tattoo removal treatments?

A: The healing process takes several weeks, so we recommend spacing out your tattoo removal treatments every 2-3 months to allow your skin to fully heal and for your body to fully eliminate the treated ink before having another treatment session.

Q: Is this treatment painful?

A: The PicoLO Premium Laser is designed to avoid heating the skin, which reduces discomfort during the treatment and minimizes damage to the skin. As mentioned above, your provider will administer either a local or topical anesthetic before your tattoo removal session to improve your comfort, so the treatment should be only mildly uncomfortable.

 Q: Can you completely remove all tattoos?

A: We are able to treat all types of tattoos, no matter which colors make them up. Amateur tattoos are easier to remove than professional tattoos, but all tattoos are amenable to treatment. In some cases, we will not be able to fully remove the tattoo, but we can successfully lighten and improve their appearance, preparing the skin for a cover-up tattoo.

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