common rashes treatment doctor washington dcThe skin is our body’s largest organ and can develop a variety of skin conditions throughout our lifetime. Persistent skin problems can cause embarrassment, self-consciousness, and dissatisfaction with one’s appearance. At MI Skin Dermatology Center, Dr. Melda Isaac is an expert at treating a range of dermatologic conditions that can negatively impact a person’s everyday life. If you have been struggling with a chronic skin condition, trust your treatment to Washington, DC dermatologist Dr. Isaac. Dr. Isaac will recommend the best treatment plan that is completely customized to meet your skin care needs.

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Dr. Isaac specializes in treating common skin conditions, including the following:


When oil glands become inflamed and irritated, they lead to acne. Acne affects many people during the course of their life and people can suffer with acne well into adulthood. If not treated properly, acne can leave unsightly acne scars. Acne is caused by a variety of factors, which means there are several effective treatment options available.

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There are two main types of birthmarks: vascular and pigmented. Vascular birthmarks are typically red in color and are the result of blood vessels that formed incorrectly. Pigmented birthmarks are caused by a highly concentrated area of melanin in the skin. While some birthmarks are small or inconspicuous, others are very noticeable and embarrassing which may be cause for removal.

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Body Hair

Undesired hair can appear anywhere on the body and can be difficult to manage. Both men and women can become self-conscious from an overly hairy appearance. With laser hair removal, Dr. Isaac can safely provide patients with smooth, hair-free skin on ALL skin types.

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Fine Lines / Wrinkles

Unfortunately, fine lines and wrinkles are a very visible part of the skin’s natural aging process. As our skin loses volume and elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles become more apparent. Thankfully, there are numerous wrinkle treatment options available to fit your individual needs at MI Skin Dermatology Center.

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Lip Lines

Lip lines are small, fine lines that appear around the upper lip area. They can become more prominent with age, sun damage, and actions such as smoking or frowning. Lip lines can be treated with microneedling, devices such as lasers, Botox, and fillers depending on their severity.

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Pigment Problems

Pigment problems typically develop as a result of prolonged sun exposure and the natural aging process. From unsightly brown spots to extensive sun damage, Dr. Isaac can use the most advanced laser treatments or chemical peels and topical physician grade skin car products to minimize the appearance of pigment problems.

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Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory skin disorder that currently has no known cause or cure. Patients with rosacea often have their quality of life negatively affected by rosacea flare ups. However, symptoms such as facial redness and bumpiness can be managed with advanced laser treatments.

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Scars are part of the body’s normal healing process. However, they are often ugly in appearance and can cause emotional distress. There are several cosmetic procedures ranging from lasers to microneedling to radiofrequency devices that can be performed in order to reduce the visibility of wanted body and facial scarring.

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Spider Veins

Spider veins are typically thin, small veins that appear close to the surface of the skin and have a red or blue appearance. They are primarily found on the face and legs and show more prominently with age. Innovative vein removal treatments have made it possible to eradicate the appearance of unwanted spider veins.

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Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are a common concern among pregnant women or people with excess weight. Stretch marks often appear on areas of the body as such as the abdomen, buttocks, arms, and breasts. While they are not a health risk, many people do not find them attractive and seek treatments to help diminish their appearance.

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Stubborn Fat / Cellulite

Stubborn fat and cellulite affect many people, causing them to be dissatisfied with their bodies. As we age, fat bulges and cellulite can become harder to correct even with diet and exercise. Dr. Isaac is an expert at several non-surgical treatment options for the reduction of stubborn fat and cellulite.

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Sun Spots

Prolonged sun exposure can wreak havoc on our skin over time. Many people find themselves with unpleasant sun spots on their skin that are difficult to cover from view. With the right laser technology, sun spots can be drastically diminished.

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Volume Loss

As we age, our bodies produce less of the natural substances that keeps our skin plump and soft. As a result, volume loss in areas of the body such as the lips, cheeks, temples, and hands can contribute to an aged appearance. Filler treatments are designed to replace lost volume and restore a more youthful appearance.

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