Restore the skin you love with amazing facial treatments in Washington, DC! MI Skin Dermatology Center uses pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical-grade skincare products in our facial treatments to correct a wide variety of problems. Treatments are performed only by highly trained estheticians. Multiple treatments may be necessary to achieve optimal results and Dr. Isaac in Washington DC will recommend a customized treatment plan to ensure your skin looks healthy and radiant.

Types of Facial Treatments


acne pimple skin treatment washington During this purifying treatment, gentle yet effective exfoliation of surface dead cells is performed, followed by steam and subsequent extractions of milia, comedones, and pustules. Your skin will be more radiant and hydrated.

Calm and Smooth

Very calming and soothing treatment of inflamed skin caused by chemical peels, sunburn, extended travel, prescription therapies or to help soothe sensitive flares in the epidermis (rosacea).


Beneficial in conjunction with prescription therapies or excellent on its own to help bring the epidermis back to normal balance from teenage to adult hormonal or stress-induced acne.


Super-hydrating treatment to help plump up and fill out parched or dehydrated skin from cold or heat, drying prescription therapies or post-peeled skin.


Re-light that glow that’s gone dim! Glycolic and/or lactic acids may be used with various powerful medical-grade antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to help boost and rejuvenate aging facial skin.

Deep Cleanse and Relax

Classic European-style facial with deep cleansing, steam, light extraction, 15 minutes of relaxing face, neck and shoulder massage, specialty serums, mask therapy and finishing eye, lip and face moisturizers.

DermaSweep Microdermabrasion Infusions

DermaSweep combines microdermabrasion with vacuum technology to clear pores and brighten skin. Combined with unique infusions to enhance its effectiveness, this treatment deeply penetrates your skin to improve appearance and achieve noticeable results.

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