Pimples, zits, blackheads, whiteheads – these are all different names for types of acne that can affect anyone. Acne is a concern for a very large portion of the population, many of whom don’t know how to treat it properly and may resign themselves to suffering through it, thinking that their zits will disappear eventually. Unfortunately, what these people don’t know is that if left untreated, acne can leave behind significant scarring that looks just as bad, if not worse, than the acne itself, as well as being more difficult to treat. However, while it may be difficult, pimple scar removal is very possible. There have been a number of advances in the past years that allow for acne scars to be removed efficiently and safely, leaving patients with clearer, healthier skin unmarred by scarring or active acne.

Pimple Scar Removal Washington DC

Dr. Melda Isaac, director of MI Skin Dermatology in Washington, DC, is an expert in removal of acne scars. She is a board-certified dermatologist who offers the latest and most cutting-edge technologies and techniques to deal with both active acne and acne scarring. The most recent of these technologies is a dermal filler called Bellafill. Bellafill was just approved in 2014 for reduction of distensible acne scars! If you are suffering from rolling acne scars that can disappear when manually stretched, Bellafill may be a good option for you. It is the first and only dermal filler that is FDA approved for the reduction of acne scars.

If you have other types of acne scars, such as icepick or boxcar scars, or if your scarring is very extensive, other types of treatments may be used instead of or in conjunction with Bellafill. Laser skin resurfacing is a popular and effective choice for reducing the appearance of acne scars, as are chemical peels.