smile lines treatment dermatologist alexandriaDr. Melda Isaac is excited to announce the launch of Restylane Lyft in her Washington, D.C. office. This FDA-approved dermal filler which takes the place of Perlane. Restylane Lyft is the first and only dermal filler to gain FDA approval for both mid-face lift and volume, as well as reduction of nasolabial folds, also known as smile lines. This could be great news for patients suffering from mid-face volume loss or deep smile lines.

If you are experiencing volume loss and would like to non-invasively contour and add lift to your cheeks, or if you have deep smile lines that you would like to reduce, Restylane Lyft may be a good choice for you. Call Dr. Isaac at (202) 393-7546 to learn more about face lift treatments and to schedule your consultation!

About Restylane Lyft

Volume loss and nasolabial folds are some of the most common complaints about one’s appearance as people get older. This is because as we age, our dermis stops producing as much collagen and elastin, which are essential substances for keeping skin elastic and supple. With the loss of these substances, skin becomes drier, begins to sag and lose volume, and wrinkles deepen. All of this combines to broadcast a person’s age and distract from their natural beauty. Dr. Melda Isaac is happy to add Restylane Lyft to her list of products to help turn back time on a person’s appearance.

Restylane Lyft is a mid-face lift injection; the latest addition to the Restylane line of dermal fillers, which includes Restylane Silk as well as the original Restylane. It is a hyaluronic acid filler treatment that has a thicker, firmer texture in order to better provide volume and lift, as well as tackle deep nasolabial folds. Face lift treatments has been proven safe and effective in multiple clinical trials, and is a welcomed addition to Dr. Isaac’s roster of dermal fillers.

Expert in the Art of Injectables

Dr. Melda Isaac's impressive credentials make her the choice of so many for BOTOX, JUVÉDERM, and other injectables. Highlights include:

  • Board-certified dermatologist
  • 20+ years of experience with injectables
  • Performs more than 2,000 injectable treatments per year
  • Provides the most BOTOX treatments in the Washington, DC area
  • Incorporates her refined sense of facial aesthetics into each treatment
  • Remains on the forefront of injectable techniques and applications

Benefits of Dermal Filler Treatments

Restylane Lyft, due to its placement and thicker texture, tends to last longer than other types of dermal fillers. While most facial fillers last around three to six months, this dermal filler treatment can last for up to a full year. In addition, it is the only dermal filler to provide lift as well as volume to the midface rejuvenation area in a very natural manner when injected properly. When injected by a skilled dermatologist, such as Dr. Isaac in Washington DC, patients should leave looking natural, not overfilled.

This dermal filler is a quick procedure that produces visible results in a short amount of time for appropriate candidates. In addition, it can be used together with other cosmetic procedures, such as neuromodulators or laser skin resurfacing, for more comprehensive results, in what is called a “liquid facelift.” Liquid facelifts can address many facial concerns in a non-invasive manner, and can be a great option for men and women who do not want to go under the knife in a full surgical facelift. Liquid facelifts usually require little to no downtime, making them popular in today’s busy society where people have no time to spare for lengthy recovery times. Ask Dr. Isaac in Washington, D.C., which procedures are best to address your facial concerns and leave you looking younger and more radiant.

Schedule a Consultation Today

If you want to add volume and lift to your cheeks, correct your nasolabial folds, and redefine your mid-face contours, you may be a good candidate for Restylane Lyft. To learn more about this FDA-approved product, request a consultation online or call our office at  (202) 393-7546 .