Dr. Melda Isaac, dermatologist in Washington, D.C., is excited to offer a new line of RHA (resilient hyaluronic acid) fillers by Teoxane. These fillers were developed in Switzerland and have become very popular in Europe. These RHA fillers are now available in the U.S. and are initially being offered to select, expert injectors.

Experienced injectors, like Dr Isaac, can use RHA fillers to create natural-looking, long-lasting results thanks to the crosslinking structure of the formula.

What are RHA Fillers?

Resilient hyaluronic acid (RHA) fillers are designed to closely mimic the natural HA found in skin. These fillers are formulated to adapt to facial movement and maintain their structure, which helps create a more natural result than other dermal fillers. Results of the injection are immediate, showing improvement in facial volume and plumping of lines and wrinkles around the mouth and nose. The results are natural looking and long-lasting.

Teoxane RHA fillers help keep the skin hydrated and firm for up to 18 months, and are designed to adapt to natural facial movements, allowing you to avoid a frozen, artificial look.

Teoxane RHA Fillers Before-and-After Photos

Real RHA Filler Patient Before and After



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What Can RHA Fillers Treat?

RHA fillers are designed to treat lines, wrinkles and lost volume in the face and neck. They help hydrate and plump the skin to improve its appearance and restore the fullness.

The Teoxane RHA Collection:

RHA 2: This is designed to fill moderate facial lines and wrinkles as well as plumping lips. The formula is designed to stretch and move with your face, making it ideal for smoothing smile lines and enhancing lips.

RHA 3: This formula is designed to treat deeper dynamic wrinkles around the mouth, nose and chin. It restores volume in the cheeks as well.

RHA 4: This filler is designed to treat the cheeks and upper cheeks. It adds volume while lifting and filling the cheeks to give a natural looking result that allows full facial movement.

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What Are the Side Effects?

Some studies have shown that when compared to other fillers, RHA fillers have a decreased chance of inflammatory reactions because of the way RHA fillers are manufactured.

RHA fillers usually have no downtime, but potential side effects include redness, swelling at the injection site, itching, and bruising. These side effects are usually minimal and do not last long. If you experience side effects that last longer than a week, please contact our practice immediately. Be sure to tell Dr. Isaac about any prescriptions you are taking, and it is recommended you avoid taking aspirin or blood thinners for a week before your treatment.

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