Can You Combine Non-Surgical Body Contouring Procedures With CoolSculpting®?

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If you absolutely love how CoolSculpting easily eliminates stubborn fat, you’ll appreciate the enhanced results when combining it with other non-surgical body contouring options.

As you know, CoolSculpting effectively and permanently freezes away fat deposits to create a smoother, trimmer shape. Still, it can’t build or tone your muscles or tighten your skin. Let’s dive into some treatments that can achieve these goals and boost your CoolSculpting results.

Lutronic Accufit ™

This body contouring treatment builds and tones muscle by using powerful electrical pulses to stimulate muscle contractions. Surprisingly, Accufit can create muscle contractions equivalent to an intense multi-dimensional workout. Your Accufit treatment will last around 30 to 60 minutes and can target multiple areas during one session.

There is no downtime needed after an Accufit treatment. You may feel some light soreness but can resume your daily routine immediately. Accufit can be used on your abdomen, flanks, hips, and more. To learn more about Accufit, read this previous blog post.

Benefits of Combining Accufit With CoolSculpting

While Accufit can reduce fat while it builds muscle, it will not address pockets of fat. CoolSculpting can eliminate those stubborn fat deposits, enhanced by Accufit’s ability to build and tone muscle. Combining these 2 procedures can give you optimal fat reduction and body sculpting in one treatment.

Sculptra® Aesthetic

Sculptra is a filler you can use for body contouring and stimulating collagen production. When collagen production increases, saggy, dimpling skin smooths and firms. This filler can be used on any area of the body to create volume and smooth out dimpling or stretch marks.

Sculptra is injected into the target area, and the treatment takes about 1 hour to complete. You can use Sculptra on your arms, chest, buttocks, and hips.

Benefits of Combining CoolSculpting With Sculptra

Sculptra contours and adds volume to flat areas of the body, and CoolSculpting trims those fatty bulges. Together, they create curves where you want them for the ideal body silhouette. Many people, for example, have CoolSculpting to smooth the fat around their back, flanks, and midsection and then have a Sculptra treatment to achieve full, round buttocks.

Genius® RF Skin Tightening

Genius RF combines microneedling and radiofrequency energy to stimulate collagen and elastin production in your skin. When the collagen and elastin supply in your skin increases, the skin becomes firmer, smoother, and more evenly textured. Your treatment can be customized depending on your age, skin type, and skin concerns.

Benefits of Combining Genius RF With CoolSculpting

When CoolSculpting slims your stubborn fat deposits, will the skin contract to fit your new contours? For some people with skin laxity, the answer to that question is likely no. So, your buttocks or abdomen (or wherever you’ve had CoolSculpting) can look slimmer after CoolSculpting, but your skin in that area may be loose or saggy. This is when you can use Genius RF to firm and tighten the skin above the treated areas.

There’s no doubt that CoolSculpting is an amazingly effective body contouring treatment, but your body sculpting journey doesn’t have to stop there. Our team can help you determine the best contouring treatments to pair with your CoolSculpting session so you can enjoy the strong, fit-looking body you want. Please request a consultation to get started, or call us at (202) 393-7546 to schedule an appointment.

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