Comparing Neuromodulators: BOTOX® vs. XEOMIN® vs. Dysport® vs. DAXXIFY®

Woman with clear, youthful skin (model) looking in the mirror with hands held up to either side of her face.

Are you considering a cosmetic treatment to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and achieve a more youthful look? Neuromodulators are a popular option that can help you achieve your aesthetic goals. The four major products in this category—BOTOX Cosmetic, Dysport, XEOMIN, and the cutting-edge DAXXIFY—offer remarkable results in wrinkle reduction.

Which Neuromodulator Is Right for You?

All 4 products share the common goal of reducing wrinkles. A treatment session for any of these products is essentially the same, as are the risks and possible side effects. (You can learn more about what a neuromodulator treatment entails by reading our related blog post.) Each product can deliver outstanding results; however, the products do have some unique characteristics.

To help you see the similarities and differences between neuromodulators, we’ve created this informative infographic that compares them side by side.

Chart depicting differences between four neuromodulator products.

Ultimately, the choice of neuromodulator depends on your individual needs, the area to be treated, and your dermatologist’s recommendation.

Request a Consultation

Whether it’s BOTOX, Dysport, XEOMIN, or DAXXIFY, MI Skin Dermatology Center offers options tailored to your unique needs. If you’d like to speak with a board-certified dermatologist about how neuromodulators can help you turn back the clock on aging, call our Washington, DC, office today at (202) 393-7546 or request a consultation.

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