CoolSculpting® Noninvasive Fat Reduction

MI Skin Dermatology Center: Melda Isaac, MD

You can only achieve so much with diet and exercise to obtain your desired body shape as we can’t control our genetics! Thank goodness for CoolSculpting noninvasive body contouring treatments.

What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting at our Washington, D.C. practice works by effectively and painlessly freezing unwanted fat cells, a process called cryolipolysis.  The cold temperature kills the fat cells and your body naturally eliminates them through your lymphatic system over the span of several weeks to months following treatment.

Which areas of the body can CoolSculpting treat?

Coolsculpting can be used to treat your upper, lower abdomen and love handles to create a sculpted waistline or a defined six-pack abdomen. CoolSculpting can also be applied to slim your arms, inner and outer thighs, in addition to that “banana-roll’ or fat bulge between your buttock and thigh.  CoolSculpting can even improve that dreaded “double chin” or even back fat.

Double chins and “bra-fat” are nearly impossible to get rid of through diet and exercise.  CoolSculpting is one of the most popular treatments in our office so we have every size applicator and own multiple units to individualize your treatment needs to meet your goals in an efficient manner.

“Dual-sculpting” allows us to treat two areas during the same 45-minute treatment session.

Complimentary Z-Wave treatments

We also offer complimentary Z-wave treatments following every CoolSculpting session to optimize your results. Z-wave therapy replaces manual massage by using precise regulated pulsed therapy. Z-wave treatments improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage to expedite fat removal.

You can expect up to a 30% reduction of fat from a single session of CoolSculpting.

How many treatments will I need?

The majority of our patients treat the same area twice for even further fat reduction.  Nearly all of our patients treat multiple body areas because they are pleased with their treatment results and there is no recovery or downtime.

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