All About Micro-Needling

MI Skin Dermatology Center: Melda Isaac, MD

Micro-needling is the latest popular beauty trend, and for good reason. It creates smooth, glowing skin without the pain or downtime of more aggressive procedures. Expert dermatologist Dr. Melda Isaac performs micro-needling in DC at her prestigious practice, MI Skin Dermatology Center, using the most advanced micro-needling tools available. The procedure Micro-needlingis beloved by celebrities, and once you try it you’ll see why.

What is Micro-Needling?

Micro-needling is a noninvasive procedure that uses tiny needles to create microscopic injuries in regular patterns on the skin. The patterns formed by the carefully placed needles allows the skin to heal faster than if the entire surface of the skin were damaged at once. Dr. Isaac’s micro-needling in DC is a fast, relatively painless procedure which stimulates collagen production and encourages new skin growth with no downtime.

Micro-needling can also facilitate the absorption of serums and other topical solutions into the skin. Dr. Isaac offers a variety of topical solutions formulated for different benefits, such as anti-aging or brightening. These solutions can be combined with the micro-needling treatment in order to provide more complete results.

Micro-Needling Benefits

The benefits of micro-needling are myriad. Micro-needling can help to reduce acne scarring and stretch marks, tighten pores, smooth fine lines, and even skin texture. It is a great procedure for a subtle brightening and rejuvenation of the face. Regular micro-needling treatments can provide long-lasting, youthful results, and can refresh a tired-looking appearance. Many patients who have had a micro-needling procedure describe a very natural, subtle improvement in appearance that friends think is the result of finally getting enough sleep or a long vacation!

The cumulative results of multiple micro-needling sessions is a breathtaking rejuvenation of the face, especially when combined with topical serums and maintained regularly. The best part is that it provides a completely natural-looking result. There are no worries about looking “fake” or “overdone” with micro-needling. You will still look like you, just more awake and refreshed!

The Micro-Needling Procedure

Micro-needling in DC with Dr. Isaac is a stress-free, quick procedure. It can take anywhere from fifteen minutes to half an hour, depending on how large an area is to be treated. Micro-needling for the stomach or decolletage is also possible, not just the face! During the procedure, Dr. Isaac will use the DermaPen or MicroPen in a precise manner in order to best stimulate regrowth and collagen production. After the procedure, the skin may be red, but this is temporary and can be covered with makeup until the redness disappears.

The procedure itself is relatively painless. People have described it as a deep exfoliating scrub. Dr. Isaac always does her best to make sure her patients are as comfortable as possible, and will prep the skin beforehand with a hydrating gel to reduce discomfort. After the procedure, you will be able to resume your everyday activities immediately. Keeping the skin out of the sun is important as it will be extremely sensitive for a few days, however!

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If you are interested in rejuvenating your skin with a noninvasive, quick, effective procedure, contact Dr. Isaac at MI Skin Dermatology today about micro-needling! Just call 202.393.SKIN or schedule an appointment online.

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