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In recent months, if you are interested in beauty and the environment, you’ve heard all about microbeads and how they are dangerous to the environment. Microbeads are tiny plastic spheres that are not biodegradable and that are too small to be caught be filtration systems, so they often end up in the rivers and oceans, where they are ingested by fish, some of which are later caught for human consumption. Microbeads are most often found in drugstore brand exfoliating cleansers, because they work as a man-made exfoliant for deep cleansing.

Most dermatologists have already encouraged their patients to find alternative exfoliating cleansers that don’t rely on microbeads, or even to skip scrubs altogether in favor of mild, home-use chemical peels, which as far as we know do not harm the environment and can actually be better for the skin than harsh scrubs, which can damage the outer layer of skin tissue and cause irritation and redness. However, there is great news for the environment: President Obama has just signed into law an act that bans the use of microbeads in cosmetic products.

Benefits of Chemical Peels

You won’t regret not being able to use microbeads once you discover the benefits of chemical peels. While there are at-home versions of peels that can be used once or twice a week to keep skin fresh and renewed, a professionally done peel by a licensed aesthetician or board-certified dermatologist can help to manage a number of skin conditions and concerns, such as acne, fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone and texture, and even dark spots.

The strength of a chemical peel can vary, from a mild peel to rejuvenate the skin to a deeper peel that can provide more dramatic results. Deeper peels may require more recovery time, but the benefits can be well worth it!

Dermatologist-Tested At-home Peels and Scrubs

If you are currently using a product with microbeads and you want to switch to a new exfoliator before microbeads are phased out entirely by 2017, Dr. Isaac or one of her aestheticians can help to find you the best product for your individual skin type during an individual skin care consultation. Each product that we offer at MI Skin Dermatology Center is tested by dermatologists and held to the highest standards of quality. Our products use naturally derived ingredients and we don’t sell anything with microbeads. In addition, our sunscreens are formulated without oxybenzone, which has been shown to damage coral reefs.

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