facial skin rejuvenation treatment alexandriaTextural changes, wrinkling, dullness, and skin laxity are all major signs of age that can contribute to an older, tired appearance that likely doesn’t match how you actually feel on the inside. Skin changes can occur due to a variety of causes, including genetics, sun damage, and environmental pollution, and these can add up to prematurely age the skin. Dr. Melda Isaac, director of MI Skin Dermatology in Washington, DC, is an expert at recognizing and treating these common signs of age. She offers all of the latest and most advanced skin care technologies to restore and rejuvenate your appearance. One of the most recent of these technologies is the Genius RF Microneedling device.

To learn more about Genius RF Microneedling and how it can improve your skin tone and texture with no downtime and virtually no pain, contact MI Skin Dermatology to schedule your skin care consultation! Dr. Isaac and her team will be happy to discuss your concerns and come up with a custom treatment option to restore your healthy, youthful skin.

What is Microneedling?

Dr. Melda Isaac has offered microneedling at her practice for years. Microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy, is a dermatologist tested and proven effective method of rejuvenating the skin by causing micro-injuries that stimulate a healing response that leads to increased collagen production and healthier, more youthful skin texture and tone. The Genius RF Microneedling device is the latest, most technologically advanced iteration of microneedling.

Genius RF Microneedling takes microneedling a step further by introducing radiofrequency, or RF, technology. The Genius uses gold-tipped microneedles that conduct radiofrequency energy into the dermis (the deep layer of skin) in order to more effectively kick-start collagen production for more dramatic results than can be achieved through microneedling alone. Radiofrequency technology has long been understood to help stimulate collagen production through heating and tightening deep skin tissue, and is used in a variety of effective skin tightening and even fat reduction technologies, such as Vanquish ME, Exilis, and Accent RF. Together, microneedling and RF technology can work wonders on the skin, and best of all, it requires no downtime at all! Dr. Isaac herself uses Genius RF Microneedling on her own skin.

How Does This Skincare Treatment Work?

Genius RF Microneedling uses high intensity focused radiofrequency (RF) energy delivered through gold-tipped microneedles to create targeted thermal coagulation points (TCP) within a specific layer of the dermis. Genius has customizable depth control, from 0.5mm all the way to 3.5mm, in order to precisely customize RF microneedling treatment in accordance with patient goals. In addition to adjustable depth control, Genius RF Microneedling also offers adjustable power levels, timers, and tip sizes, including a 49-needle tip and a 16-needle tip. The 49-needle tip is best for larger areas of the skin, while the 16-needle is perfect for treating smaller, more delicate areas such as around the eyes.

Genius RF Microneedling also offers patented ComfortFlow technology to minimize patient discomfort and ensure that recovery is fast and easy. The micro-needles are smooth and tiny enough that you will barely feel a thing, and the only side effects are a little bit of redness that should dissipate within hours of treatment. Results appear gradually, but your skin will over time become glowing, healthy, and youthful.

What Can Genius Treat?

Genius is a great way to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve overall skin tone and texture, brighten skin, and even help reduce distensible acne scars. Over multiple RF microneedling treatments, you can rejuvenate and turn back the clock on your skin. Genius can be a good alternative to more aggressive treatments that may provide more dramatic results after one treatment but that require up to a week of recovery time. Genius results will be subtle after one treatment – you will notice an improvement in your skin, but it won’t be as dramatic as, for instance, after a single CO2 laser treatment. However, over multiple treatments, you will notice a significant improvement in your skin, which should become more youthful and healthier looking.

It’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and good skin care regimen following your Genius RF Microneedling treatment, so that your skin will remain healthy and glowing. Dr. Isaac and her team can help you to find a personalized skin care regimen that is best for your unique conditions and can help advise you regarding a healthy diet and lifestyle change as well, although it is best to find a nutrition and lifestyle specialist if you need significant help in this area.

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