The majority of cosmetic dermatologists use injectable neuromodulators on their patients, which smooth out lines by paralyzing muscles controlling wrinkles. One of the first and most well known is Botox. Dysport is similar to Botox but it’s best for deeper set lines and instead of affecting muscles, Dysport targets nerve signals.

Another popular injectable neuromodulator is Xeomin, which serves as a muscle relaxant. Each of these products achieves the common goal of smoothing out wrinkles and fine lines but functions a little differently. MI Skin considers these nuances when recommending products and treatments to our clients.

How do Injectable Neuromodulators Work?

The popularity of injectable neuromodulators is based on their ability to affect only a treated area. The injectable will smooth out the area of fine lines and wrinkles while the surrounding skin remains untreated for a natural appearance. A treatment session barely takes an hour and with no recovery time required, the day can be resumed without a fuss.

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