Enhance Your CoolSculpting Results with Z-Wave

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Dr. Isaac is excited to offer a new device at MI Skin Dermatology that can enhance the results of a CoolSculpting treatment by up to 50 percent! The Zimmer Z-Wave Pro is a radial pulse therapy device, which can be used in place of a manual massage following a CoolSculpting treatment for a more precise, regulated massage that evenly spreads the fat cells and promotes blood circulation and healing.

What is Z-Wave Pro?

The Zimmer Z-Wave Pro is a device which uses regulated radial pulse therapy for smooth, even results following a CoolSculpting treatment. Traditionally, a manual massage is done following CoolSculpting, as it has been proven that post-treatment massage enhances results. The Z-Wave replaces this manual massage with highly regulated and precise radial pulse therapy. The Z-Wave’s speed and strength can be adjusted in order to create the most comfortable experience for the patient and to facilitate the best results possible from treatment.

Radial pulse therapy has many benefits, including improving blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, strengthening connective tissue under the skin, and stimulating collagen production. All of these contribute to a greater reduction in circumference of the body part treated, as well as smoother, more even results.

Why Choose Z-Wave Pro?

Use of the Z-Wave Pro has been shown to enhance results of CoolSculpting by almost double. Using Z-Wave Pro following your non-invasive fat reduction procedure ensures that you will obtain the best results possible and we at MI Skin Dermatology are happy to be able to offer you this extra guarantee of results.

The Z-Wave Pro treatment is painless and quick, generally taking less than 10 minutes to perform. It can be completely customized to the patient’s pain tolerance and desired results. Z-Wave Pro is completely noninvasive and has proven, long-lasting results. If you stick to a healthy lifestyle following your CoolSculpting plus Z-Wave Pro treatments, your results can be permanent!

Schedule a CoolSculpting Plus Z-Wave Pro Consultation

If you are interested in reducing your areas of stubborn fat and smoothing your cellulite, contact Dr. Isaac at MI Skin Dermatology to schedule a consultation today. To learn more about CoolSculpting and Z-Wave Pro and make your appointment, just call 202-393-SKIN!

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