How Bacteria Infested Are Your Beauty Products?

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We all use products for our skin, from moisturizers to keep dry skin at bay to sunscreen to protect from premature damage from the sun. But did you know that the container that your product comes in could provide a breeding ground for bacteria? It’s true – studies have shown that products that come in a jar that we put our fingers directly in are home to more bacteria than other packaging such as pump tubes.

Dr. Melda Isaac of MI Skin Dermatology Center in Washington, DC is a leading board-certified dermatologist, and she and her expert team of aestheticians can help you to practice the cleanest, safest skincare routines and protect your skin from unwanted bacteria infestations.

Makeup Testers and Bacteria

Makeup and skin product testers at beauty and department stores are the worst offenders when it comes to bacteria. So many people handling the same product leads to contamination much worse than anything at your home. Researchers found that not a single tester was free of harmful bacteria at the end of a day full of shoppers! Among the strains of bacteria found were e. coli and staph bacteria. Not something you want on your face!

Dr. Isaac recommends avoiding testers at the store as much as possible, and never use a tester that is meant for the eye area, such as mascara. The eyes are very delicate and are more prone to infection than the rest of the face.

Practice Good At-home Hygiene

The good news is that your at-home products tend to be cleaner and less of a risk for bacterial infection, as long as you practice good hygiene and take certain steps to keep your products pure. Among these steps are making sure to always wash your hands before handling any makeup or skin care, be sure to keep containers closed between uses, and if you can, use a small scoop to pick up product in jars rather than your fingers. Also, remember to always clean and sterilize your brushes! Brushes can build up dirt and bacteria that can lead to breakouts and other skin problems if not cleaned regularly.

Dr. Isaac offers a range of dermatologist-tested, effective skin care for a wide range of skin types and concerns. She and her staff offer skin care consultations, during which you can discuss your skin issues and come up with a custom skin care regimen tailored to your unique needs. The staff at MI Skin Dermatology Center can also advise you on how best to store and use your products for maximum effectiveness and cleanliness!

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